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B/E Aerospace supplies employees with the tools to ‘BE WELL’

B/E Aerospace, Kilkeel is the largest aircraft seating manufacturer within the B/E Aerospace network.


The company is the world’s leading producer of aircraft cabin interior products with over 10,000 employees and more than 35 major facilities around the world, designing, developing and manufacturing products for commercial aircraft and business jets. The Kilkeel factory employs over 850 people who manufacture economy, business and premium airline seating, all of which is shipped to the leading global airlines.

What B/E Aerospace did

With 850+ employees on the Kilkeel site, the Senior Management Team (SMT) within B/E Aerospace are cognisant of recent reports relating to the region which have shown that health and wellbeing issues such as mental health, drug & alcohol misuse, childhood obesity and hospital admissions are on the increase.

As a company it decided to introduce a structured, targeted and inclusive health & wellbeing strategy to be reviewed and monitored on a monthly basis. The company’s ‘BE WELL’ strategy is complemented by an Occupational Health service on site. ‘BE WELL’ adds a unique element to health & wellbeing feeding back into the core company values. Placing particular emphasis on the fact that people think of their own health & wellbeing in different ways, the ‘BE WELL’ initiative is holistic and inclusive, offering employees the tools to improve their overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

‘BE WELL’ is delivered by an appointed dedicated cross-functional team, championed by senior management. Key inputs of ‘BE WELL’ include an annual employee survey which aims to identify the difference it has made to people’s lives and what employees want more of, key business metrics, and current local community issues. Based on quarterly themed initiatives open to all, employee engagement is actively encouraged, with senior management leading by example and taking an active role and participating in the activities. This enables the ‘BE WELL’ programme to be led and delivered by employees, for employees.

Impacts and outcomes

  • 27% of the workforce has participated in the weight loss/nutrition & exercise campaigns in the last three years
  • 163 stone lost to date
  • £30,000 invested in Mental Health awareness campaign
  • 75% of the workforce found the Mental Health Campaign beneficial
  • Over the past two year, 30 people have sought help with Mental Health issues
  • To find out more, email niamh_rooney@beaerospace.com