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Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland aims to be the leading partnership bank, providing simple, flexible, accessible financial services and products to UK customers, both directly and through partnerships with trusted and respected UK brands.


With 2,400 employees operating across 28 branches, the bank offers a full service retail and commercial branch network, and has established links with some of the largest UK mortgage intermediary networks through its mortgage business.

What Bank of Ireland did

Following the financial crisis, Bank of Ireland realised that its employees were the lynchpin of its organisational success, so decided to invest in a bespoke wellbeing programme to ensure they felt supported and engaged beyond their daily roles.

Launched in May 2014, the ‘Be At Your Best’ programme is structured around three pillars; Body, Mind and Career and employees were given the unique position to lead on its design and implementation. Supported by two central ‘Be At Your Best’ co-ordinators, ‘Be At Your Best’ Champion volunteers come from across the business, and take responsibility for implementing initiatives and engaging other employees.

The ‘Body Pillar’ focuses on improving physical health and has seen the bank get involved in a ‘Couch to 5k’ running event, ‘Lap of the Lough’ cycling event in Lough Neagh, and Business in the Community’s ‘£4lb Challenge’. The ‘Mind Pillar’ aims to build awareness of the importance of caring for mental health, and saw the financial institution engage in a number of initiatives in line with Mental Health Awareness month. The ‘Career Pillar’ strives to empower employees to take ownership of their professional development, and provides recognition for employees who go ‘above and beyond’.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 30% of NI employees are working towards a Professional Qualification
  • Absence levels have fallen by 5.49%
  • 2,000 employees have engaged in 40 ‘Be At Your Best’ activities
  • 180 employees and their friends and families cycled 195km around the Lough Neagh
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