Belfast International Airport opens gateway to positive community impact through ‘vision and values’ programme

Handling four million passengers every year, and with an employee base of 170, Belfast International Airport (BIA) is Northern Ireland’s Principal Airport and the second largest gateway on the island of Ireland.


With over 200 companies employing over 4,000 people at its Antrim-based site, BIA believes that its dedication to providing the best airport experience secures its lead position as the gateway for business and leisure travel.

What Belfast International Airport did

Following an employee engagement survey, the airport launched its ‘Vision and Values’ programme in 2014 with the aim of creating meaningful partnerships and relationships with its employees, airport community and external community. It was clear from the employee feedback that community and charity initiatives were high on the agenda for employees and the airport began to develop meaningful relationships with its external community.

All activities and initiatives were promoted and supported by the Managing Director and senior management teams. They placed specific emphasis on promoting the role the airport plays in supporting local communities through career opportunities, promotion of safe travel, as a transport hub and employment opportunities for the local community.

The dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility committee has responsibility for the successful implementation of the ‘Vision and Values’ programme and all employees are encouraged to put forward ideas and get involved in practical ways.

The outcomes and impacts

  • 90 employees currently engaged in various community initiatives
  • 800 pupils from 40 schools involved in airport tours initiative
  • 18 children supported through Time to Read programme
  • Employee sickness decreased by 3% since 2014
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