Collaborative Action Award 2023
Corporate Responsibility

Collaborative Action Award 2023

Kier is a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction, and property developments in the UK.


Committed to sustainability and community development, Kier aims to deliver infrastructure vital to the nation while leaving lasting legacies through its work.

What Kier Group did

Kier met with the School Principal of Riverside Special Educational Needs (SEN) School during works undertaken in the area.

Originally planning to plant saplings as part of reinstatement works, however, Kier identified an opportunity to create significant added value. The company envisioned transforming the school’s outdoor space into an accessible outdoor classroom tailored to the unique requirements of SEN children.

Kier designed and agreed on the layout for the new outdoor classroom, which included a new bespoke polytunnel with adjustable workbenches for wheelchair users, a potting shed with raised planters, and a circular tarmac wheel-chair friendly path. Lessons focused on sustainability and recycling were introduced to the curriculum.

To execute the project, Kier collaborated with local suppliers and volunteers, who offered their time, materials, and services at no cost to the school. The project was programmed sensitively to minimise disruption to staff and children due to the specialist needs of the pupils.

Inspired by the success at Riverside School, Kier carried out a similar project at Kilmoyle Primary School in Ballybogey, creating another outdoor classroom for children to flourish, regardless of their abilities or first language.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • The new outdoor classrooms provided an inclusive and engaging learning environment for all SEN children to study nature, horticulture, and climate change
  • The projects received recognition and awards, including the Green Apple environment award, highlighting the positive impact on the environment and local communities
  • Lessons on sustainability and recycling, along with practical outdoor activities, enhanced students’ understanding of nature and climate change
  • Students were able to grow their own vegetables and learn entrepreneurial skills in the polytunnel, benefitting their personal development
  • The projects fostered collaborations among Kier, firmus energy, local suppliers, and volunteers, strengthening stakeholder relationships and promoting sustainability goals
  • The transformed outdoor spaces had a positive impact on the wellbeing and quality of life of the students, staff, and communities involved
  • Over 250 hours of volunteer time contributed to the Riverside project
  • Donations from suppliers for the Riverside project amounted to approximately £12,000
  • 754 tractors participated in a tractor rally to raise funds for MACs projects

In conclusion, Kier’s collaborative initiatives have showcased innovative thinking and teamwork, delivering transformative projects that benefit local communities, the environment, and the wellbeing of SEN children. These projects exemplify Kier’s commitment to sustainability and social value, forging strong partnerships and leaving a lasting legacy in the communities they serve.

What the Judges said

“Kier Group was a clear winner in this category and demonstrated full collaboration and very impressive project outcomes. The passion of the organisation and its representatives was unmatched and clear responsible business leadership shown.”