Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd
Climate Change & Carbon Footprint

Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd

Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd was asked by Belfast Harbour to meet shared biodiversity aims, by signing up to undertake Business in the Community's Business and Biodiversity Charter. The process of achieving the Charter united all parties in recognising what can be achieved for the benefit of the environment on a day-to-day basis.

Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd aims to actively support and practice good corporate and social responsibility via the impacts its operations may have on the environment, and is committed to reducing negative impacts. The organisation has been proactively engaged in biodiversity over a prolonged period and sensitive management of the natural environment is an integral and everyday feature of its business.

The scope and footprint of the business activities of Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd has the potential to add significant value in terms of effecting the change needed to deliver environmental net gain.

As contractors, Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd are able to influence clients regarding their impact on biodiversity whilst maintaining a high level of industry good practice. Recognition of these efforts through achieving Business in the Community’s Business & Biodiversity Charter shows clients that the Company  practices what it preaches.

At Belfast Harbour, Dalzell Landscape Company has worked to regenerate many areas into green spaces, reducing the impact of a hard-industrial area and creating the biodiversity needed to encourage pollinating wildlife back into this habitat due to the diverse mix of flora present.

Although it is important to remember that no amount of plant care or maintenance will make up for improper plant selection, it is critical that any planting suits the conditions of the site they are specified for. This requires intimate knowledge of the local biodiversity in the area, beyond what might be typical for an entire region or climate zone.

Dalzell Landscaping Company Ltd intends to continue to improve the environmental performance of its activities and processes by: setting and reviewing objectives and targets related to significant environmental risks and putting into effect programmes to reduce those risks; working to prevent any negative environmental impact through a system of operational controls; and promoting environmental and biodiversity awareness by supporting and sponsoring projects within its local community.

Everyone in the Company has been involved in this journey and has benefited from sharing knowledge and experience and there is a great sense of pride within the organisation for what has been achieved at Belfast Harbour, and through the Business and Biodiversity Charter.