WayneDenner.com | Business in the Community NI


Wayne Denner.com is the business created by Wayne Denner, a Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Educator and Trainer known for his engaging approach.


With over 18 years’ experience in the digital space, Wayne is a self-confessed Digital Ninja, working with professionals around the globe and delivering the ‘Online Reputation Matters Program’ in schools, and with businesses and organisations in Ireland, the UK and the UAE.

What WayneDenner.com Group did

WayneDenner.com delivers services to schools, college/university students, parents, carers and community groups, educating them on:

  • How to protect themselves, their reputation and wellbeing online
  • How to increase employment prospects by showcasing their talent by online actions

Wayne is also the author of ‘The Students Guide to an Epic Reputation . . . Parents Too’. Wayne has delivered a blog series cover subjects including: Tips on How to Beat the Cyber Bully; Parents’ Guide to Emoji Speak; and Instagram privacy tips. He has also delivered an Online Video Series with topics including: How to setup Restricted Mode on Youtube; How teens can protect their online reputation; and E-safety. His ‘Zero Lives Left’ Podcast provides 29 business and career podcasts showcasing examples of achievements from role models, from Twitter gurus to Skincare companies.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • Services have excellent positive social impact
  • Wayne devotes 50% of his time to providing free resources
  • Conscious of its carbon footprint, the company maximises online resources; saving 8 tonnes in CO2, the equivalent of six long haul flights in one year

For more information, please email elaine@waynedenner.com