Education Partnership Award 2023
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Education Partnership Award 2023

Almac Group is a global service provider partnering with pharmaceutical clients to develop crucial treatments for patients.


As a privately-owned organisation headquartered in Craigavon, Almac operates across 18 locations with more than 6,500 employees worldwide. The company’s core mission is to advance human health by supporting and rewarding its people, protecting the planet, and contributing to the communities where it operates. Almac is dedicated to inspiring and investing in the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists through innovative outreach programmes.

What Almac Group did

Almac Group, as part of its broader Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, established a STEM Outreach programme to engage and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists. This programme focuses on inspiring young people in primary, post-primary, and third-level education about rewarding careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) available in Northern Ireland and globally.

Managed by a dedicated STEM Outreach Manager, the programme includes various activities, such as school visits, presentations, onsite visits, virtual work experiences, workshops at W5, and the provision of Science in a Box programmes to primary schools across Northern Ireland. Almac has strategically partnered with W5 and STEAM Education Limited to facilitate impactful engagement with young people from age 4-19.

Outcomes and Benefits

Since February 2022, Almac’s face-to-face events have reached more than 20,000 young people across Northern Ireland.

The 10-year, £1 million partnership with W5 resulted in the creation of the MED-Lab exhibition and Almac’s STEM Pathway programme, enhancing understanding of STEM subjects and career pathways among young people.

The partnership with STEAM Education Limited aims to reach 50 schools and approximately 3,000 children by 2024. This initiative fosters creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills in P6/P7 classes while increasing their science capital.

Almac’s STEM Outreach programme has inspired pupils, with 74% strongly agreeing that they felt inspired to consider a career in the pharmaceutical industry, compared to 55% before 2022.

The programme has increased brand awareness and understanding of Almac’s work and career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector.

Through the outreach programme, Almac has nurtured the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists, positively influencing aspirations towards STEM-related careers.

Almac’s education partnerships have enabled deeper engagement with young people and provided an inspiring insight into future STEM careers.

Key Impacts and Outcomes

  • More than 170 pupils participated in Almac’s revised work experience programme, showing a 40% increase compared to previous years
  • 97% of work experience pupils felt the programme gave them a good overview of career paths at Almac
  • 73% of work experience pupils felt stimulated and inspired to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry
  • 84% of work experience pupils were inspired to think about careers in other areas of the pharmaceutical industry
  • 29% of work experience pupils considered a Higher Level Apprenticeship as a next step

Almac’s STEM Outreach programme has not only positively impacted young people’s perceptions of STEM careers but has also increased employee development and engagement. Moreover, it has contributed to building a strong brand reputation for Almac and promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM fields. Through continuous improvement and innovative strategies, Almac aims to remain at the forefront of inspiring and nurturing the future generations of scientists, engineers, and technologists.

What the Judges said

“Through both a considerable time and financial investment, this organisation demonstrated a sophisticated commitment to building science capacity from primary school through to university. Full of passion, a student-centered approach makes this an organisation that shows ‘next’ practice. To use Almac’s words, they are ‘paying it forward’.