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Encirc is a market-leader in glass container design, manufacturing, bottling, and logistic solutions for the UK and Irish food and beverages industries. Hear from Encirc about its responsible business practices and why it was shortlisted for the NI Responsible Company of the Year 2017 Award.


Operating from purpose-built sites in Derrylin, County Fermanagh, NI and Elton, Encirc produces more than 2.7 billion containers and fills up to 250 million litres of beverages every year. The integrated group offering means customers benefit from a significantly shortened supply chain, and considerable cost and environmental savings.

What Encirc did

Encirc joined Business in the Community in January 2015 and since then has been on a transformational journey, moving away from an entrepreneurial way of thinking towards a more professional management style, where success is no longer dependent on the drive of one individual, but rather the sum of all the business parts. As a result, the company has been given a new focus and energy, pushing it on to further achievements and developing new strategies alongside them, one being its commitment to Corporate Responsibility.

To achieve its mission, Encirc implemented a number of initiatives and the starting point for these initiatives was Business in the Community’s CORE Standard for Responsible Business. Since introducing its commitment to the CORE Standard, Encirc has used the framework to shape the challenges it has in its business. Supplementary to CORE was the Project21 strategy, this comprehensive sustainability strategy sets clear sustainability goals while providing an ambitious profitability target for 2022. Encirc is also now playing a leading role in the British Glass project that seeks to drive changes in the glass container industry to ensure it is as sustainable as possible in future.

Encirc’s ability to consider the needs of both its internal and external stakeholders, and to shape its plans based on these three projects has meant that in 2016 it achieved increased profitability, optimised capacity in its glass manufacturing plants, and grown its beverage contract pack business.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 77% of customers said they chose Encirc because of its commitment to sustainability
  • Increased share of glass market to more than 35%
  • Beverages offering saw growth of 20%
  • Energy usage reduced year on year
  • Carbon offsetting scheme set to help create new habitats for local wildlife
  • For more information, email fiacre.odonnell@encirc360.com