Encirc engineer renewable energy solution reduces carbon emissions from Derrylin plant

Glass manufacturer Encirc has used an innovative yet simple energy solution at its Derrylin plant, solving a difficult challenge and simultaneously reducing overall energy use.

The Derrylin site faced an issue with air compressors that generated high levels of heat in their immediate vicinity. The room couldn’t be vented externally due to ambient noise.

The initial idea for a solution was to spend more energy on cooling for the area. However one of the Encirc engineers came up with a perfect solution to fix the problem and reduce energy-use.

The engineer designed and built a heat exchange solution that not only cooled the area by taking the heat away, but also in-turn created new energy to heat the newly built employee gym and shower block, as well as heating the admin building and cold end of the factory.

The scheme has been a huge success, with the renewable energy generated saving almost 110,000 kgs of carbon emissions each year.