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Farrans ASPIRES to be top employer in Northern Ireland

With 500 employees in Northern Ireland, Farrans business is structured in to two primary divisions: Building and Civil Engineering. The main divisions perfectly complement each other in terms of resource and expertise.


The company has also established specialised sub-divisions to better package its services for sectors which demand particular skills and resources. Farrans Homes, Healthcare and Utilities are all now well established within the company structure and each commands enviable positions in their marketplaces.

What Farrans did

Farrans recognises that its employees are the lifeblood of its organisation and as such aims to garner a culture of openness, enthusiasm and social awareness among its employee base. Farrans acknowledges the importance of giving back to the communities in which it operates and places great emphasis on providing and sustaining local employment opportunities to achieve this.

It’s against this backdrop that Farran’s developed a comprehensive set of employability initiatives to help those furthest removed from the labour market to make informed career choices, enter, or step back into the workplace. Led by the Community Engagement Manager, Farran’s Community Impact Strategy aims to create maximum training, employment opportunities and skills development in the communities in which the company works. One example of how the company achieves this is through delivering innovative and bespoke employability skills training sessions.

Alongside this, the Farrans ASPIRE innovative, bespoke employment initiative is specifically designed for those who are long-term unemployed and those furthest removed from the labour market. The company is the first construction company in Northern Ireland to extend one of its employability programmes to Young Offenders.

Impacts and outcomes

  • Currently has eight apprentices employed on site
  • Provided 539 weeks of structured work placements
  • Community Engagement Manager awarded Business Excellence Award
  • New entrant retention figures increased by 20%
  • To find out more, email bmcguigan@farrans.com