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Farrans Construction

Farrans’ business is structured into two primary divisions; Building and Civil Engineering. These divisions perfectly complement each other in terms of resource and expertise.

Farrans continues to develop excellence in all aspects of building and civil engineering, while at the same time, the boundaries of service level delivered to customer are continually extended. With over 500 employees, Farrans recognises that it shares its workplace with communities and natural environments making it vital to implement sustainable business practices across its operations.

What Farrans did
Farrans continually strive to find better ways of delivering results for its clients, and community engagements forms a large part of this commitment. Farrans devised a comprehensive set of community engagement initiatives so that their people are proud to work for them. The firm aims to leave a positive image in the areas in which it works so uses initiatives that help young people realise their career aspirations to achieve this.

With the Board of Directors fully committed, the key objective of Farrans education strategy is to bring together educational establishments so that the links created by their projects can be leveraged to the greatest extent, acting as a catalyst to maximising educational opportunities for young people. The company’s education partnering policy drives this forward and ensures the business genuinely contributes to the community by initiating, and supporting educational activities through strategic partnerships.

Farrans has invested heavily in Northern Ireland to deliver a series of bespoke education initiatives which range from Art Workshops and Safety Sam Sessions for primary schools, to Employability Skills Workshops, and Graduate placement programmes. One of the most notable projects Farrans has under its belt is its Connswater Community Greenway initiative which was recognised by the Considerate Constructors Scheme as ‘the best observed with excellent engagement with the schools and local community groups’.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 189 diverse learners have participated in employability skills workshops
  • Three civil engineering apprenticeships provided through ICE Work+
  • Engaged with 12 Hydebank Wood College students through Aspire Programme
  • Over 70 children involved in art workshops in East Belfast
  • 539 weeks of structured work experience placements provided
  • For more information, email bmcguigan@farrans.com