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Farrans constructs the framework for sustainable communities

With 500 employees in Northern Ireland, Farrans business is structured in two primary divisions: Building and Civil Engineering. The main divisions perfectly complement each other in terms of resource and expertise.


The company has also established specialised sub-divisions to better package its services for sectors which demand particular skills and resources. Farrans Homes, Healthcare and Utilities are all now well established within the company structure and each commands enviable positions in their marketplaces.

What Farrans did

Farrans recognises the need to positively engage the communities in which it operates to ensure business sustainability. It achieves this through a comprehensive set of community engagement initiatives. With employment at an all-time low in some of Northern Ireland’s communities, Farrans has proactively embedded some employability initiatives into its core business and community engagement strategies with particular focus on East Belfast.

Farrans truly believes that creating long-term employment opportunities is the route to creating sustainable futures. This belief led to the implementation of Farrans’ Connswater Community Greenway Scheme in East Belfast.

Alongside other bespoke community employability initiatives, Farrans is framing its position as a pioneer in community engagement through its support to Hydebank Wood College of Employability Skills. Farrans was the first ever provider of work placements to young offenders who will progress with the programme on site in April 2016.

The outcomes and impacts

  • Awards planters_Employability Champion
  • 539 weeks of student placements provided
  • 500 pupils involved in ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’ safety initiative
  • 114 students from third level education given site visit opportunities
  • £900 raised for local cancer charities
  • To find out more, email bmcguigan@farrans.com