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Interface FLOR

Interface FLOR, the world’s largest manufacturer of modular flooring, is a globally recognised leader in sustainable business practices. Interface FLOR has operated in Craigavon since 1982 and was the first European plant acquired by the company.


The Craigavon plant produces five million sqm of bespoke, made-to-order modular carpet annually. Interface FLOR in NI employs around 190 staff. There has been a significant investment in technology at the Craigavon site, approximately £1.5 million annually over the past five years.

What Interface FLOR did

In 1994, Interface FLOR became the first company to make a public commitment to become wholly sustainable. Mission Zero was Interface FLOR’s declaration to have zero negative impact on the environment by 2020.

Interface FLOR has pioneered several ground-breaking initiatives with significant results, including operating with 94% renewable energy and 50% recycled or bio-based components on a global level. The company wants Interface FLOR to become the first name in industrial ecology, a corporation that cherishes nature and restores the environment. On target to reach Mission Zero, it has committed to a new mission, Climate Take Back – not wanting to just stop global warming, but reverse it.

Interface FLOR was one of the first of its kind to commit to publishing EPDs as standard and pushing the entire industry towards the same practice. Transparency is key to engage with suppliers, customers, employees to make sure we’re all talking about the same things.

Interface FLOR is committed to meeting its own ambitious sustainability targets by developing industry first products and processes, but also supporting other businesses in meeting their sustainability goals.

Impacts and Outcomes

On target to achieve by 2020:

  • Reduce its GHG emissions by 98%
  • Reduce its water use by 98.5%
  • Operate with 95% renewable energy
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill
  • Use 50% recycled or bio-based components in products
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