Journey to Carbon Negativity
Climate Change & Carbon Footprint

Journey to Carbon Negativity

Interface’s mission is to overcome the biggest challenge facing humanity and reverse global warming.


The company believes that it’s no longer enough to limit the damage it does, but to think about reversing it. Interface wants to restore the planet and leave a positive impact.

At the Interface Craigavon plant, the organisation has taken a huge step towards the goal of becoming a carbon negative company by installing a carbon negative Bio-Reactor, which takes CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) out of the atmosphere and replaces it with clean Oxygen – doing the same job as 20 trees over the course of a year.

Alongside this, the company has switched 300,000 linear metres of petro-chemical polyethylene wrapping with Carbon negative wrapping sourced from the waste from sugar cane. This alone will reduce carbon footprint by over 80 Tonnes of CO2 per year.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • Over 80 tonnes of CO2 reduced from the atmosphere
  • 300,000 linear metres of petro-chemical material saved from being produced
  • The same amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere and replaced with oxygen as 20 trees

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