JP Corry - Business In The Community

JP Corry

Operating from a network of 16 branches across Northern Ireland, JP Corry is a leading builders merchant supplying building materials to the trade, self-build, and DIY markets.


Employing 236 people locally, the company is into a third century of trading in NI, offering a range of heavy building construction materials and timber, to hardware, landscaping products, insulation and bespoke joinery solutions. JP Corry is part of Saint Gobain’s UK building distribution network.

What JP Corry did

JP Corry believes a strong community spirit is ingrained in its culture. There are considerable efforts made year on year with heavy involvement from staff across the group to assist with annual fundraising and other community based initiatives. The senior management team (SMT) actively champion causes, and lead by example by getting involved in events.

The organisation runs long-term partnerships such as its ‘Together Programme’, a 1-2 year fundraising drive in partnership with an elected charity partner, which has seen some exceptional sums raised in recent years, including over £50k for Macmillan Cancer in a two year period 2014/15, in addition to smaller scale events that are either yearly or ad-hoc.

As a key part of its business strategy to support the communities it operates within, there is a strong will at JP Corry to promote as many opportunities to make a difference internally as possible, and the company relishes the chance to work alongside external organisations such as Business in the Community and the West Belfast Works Scheme to get involved in as many projects as possible.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 81% of staff agreeing they understand the company’s values, and 77% agreeing that the business is a responsible one
  • £8,970 raised for Alzheimer’s Research UK and the MS Society
  • 119 gifts donated for underprivileged children at Christmas as part of the ‘Cash for Kids’ campaign
  • Six full-time jobs created in West Belfast, a deprived area, two of which were through back to work scheme placements for the long-term unemployed
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