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Lidl encourages staff to get healthy

Part of Lidl’s Corporate Responsibility focus is to EAT WELL, Work Safe. Live Well. In line with that, it has engaged in several health and wellbeing initiatives.

The #WeAreLidl Roadshow successfully brought full details of the many Lidl benefits available to staff. Over nine weeks, Lidl colleagues jumped on-board to receive information on everything from the Bike to Work Scheme to how to download the new and improved #WeAreLidl app. There was an opportunity to avail of an important health screening with staff receiving a personalised health report based on the results of their health check.

As part of the Roadshow, Lidl aimed to raise awareness of the growing numbers being diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes. The total number of people living with diabetes in Ireland is estimated to be 225,840 according to Diabetes Ireland. As such, Diabetes Ireland joined Lidl at 10 locations to offer free screening. Lidl’s Director of Human Resources, Maeve McCleane, explains, “This extensive programme represented a €300,000 investment by us and comes on the back of our cardiac screening roadshow which took place two years ago. By investing this money, we are sending out an important message to our team that we are investing in their health and wellbeing.”

Partnering with Diabetes Ireland, Lidl also helped to offer free diabetes screening to customers. It is hoped that this partnership has raised awareness of the risk factors around diabetes and has encouraged more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In total, 2,129 staff, their friends and family; as well as customers, were screened.

Lidl also launched a new healthy eating initiative in store with the help of colourful characters from the Goodness Gang.

Lidl teamed up with friends from the Goodness Gang to share some top tips –  Sophie Strawberry, Ben Banana, Connor Carrot and Pat Pear have some important information on healthy eating:

    Our first meal of the day has a big impact on our energy levels and concentration. It’s important not to consume too much sugar at breakfast as this spikes our energy levels and then causes them to plummet mid-morning.
    Your lunch break is an opportunity to refuel your energy levels, helping you to concentrate throughout the day and perform at your best. A healthy lunch should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats – each in moderation.
    We can often make the wrong choices when it comes to what we eat, simply because we think they are quicker and easier. By preparing or thinking about our meals in advance, we prevent these bad choices. This helps us have a healthier and balanced diet.
    Snacks can help keep us going throughout the day and are a great way to keep blood sugar levels stable. If your energy levels dip, avoid the sugar temptation and instead keep your energy levels up with healthy snacks.

As part of the Goodness Gang initiative, Lidl also released a recipe book to help customers and staff create simple, healthy meals. You can view them here;