Mahlatini's sustainability journey continues to grow from strength to strength
Climate Change & Carbon Footprint

Mahlatini’s sustainability journey continues to grow from strength to strength

Mahlatini Luxury Travel is excited to be entering into a new phase of its sustainability journey by signing Business in the Community’s (BITC) Climate Action Pledge – a public commitment to achieve a 50% reduction in its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This collaborative effort, alongside Business in the Community, puts Mahlatini at the forefront of action in the fight toward a greener planet.

With the desire to ‘stretch and challenge’ its past approach, Mahlatini engaged with BITC’s advisory services, who delivered an interactive workshop to provide best-practice advisory support around sustainability and strategy to Mahlatini’s dedicated Sustainability Committee.

“We are always looking for new ways to make a difference, and we continually strive to lessen our ecological footprint… the support we received from our BITC advisor has assisted us in doing just that.” – Gary Warnock, Sustainability Team Leader

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A History of making a difference through regenerative travel

In 2022, Mahlatini was globally recognised for its commitment to sustainable travel at the acclaimed World Travel Awards, emerging as the overall winner, becoming Europe’s Leading Sustainable Tour Operator during the inaugural year of this award category.

“Sustainable travel is about making smarter choices in every aspect of the trip.”

With our help, our clients are making conscious decisions to visit destinations and communities that need tourism most, choosing experiences that have a more fulfilling and positive impact long after they return. In a time where we can see many brands across all industries ‘green-washing’, luxury safari tourism has long been based on the principles of regenerative travel, conscious of the delicate ecosystem between humans and mother nature.

“A stay at any of our preferred safari lodges means your tourism directly supports the conservation of the wildlands and wildlife you encounter, and it enriches the lives of the local communities.” – Chris Goldring, Mahlatini Co-Founder & Director

Mahlatini carefully curates its product portfolio, working exclusively with suppliers and safari lodges to achieve its stringent ‘sustainable tourism rating’ and to share the same sustainable ethos. These long-standing partnerships in safari tourism are critical to Mahlatini’s sustainability journey, requiring all stakeholders working to a common goal of delivering genuinely regenerative travel.

African Bush Camps has grown over the past two decades with Mahlatini’s support, and we join them in celebrating 20 years of ‘sharing and conserving’ Africa together. It is a genuine pleasure doing business with the entire Mahlatini team, and we wish you continued success for the journey ahead. As we embark on our partnership with our new conservation initiative #africanchangemakers, we are excited about the opportunity to co-invest more in Africa’s future.” – Beks Ndlovu, CEO, African Bush Camps

Mahlatini actively supports a range of conservation and community charities, with long-standing partnerships across each of its sustainability pillars:

  • Conservation – Save The Rhino
  • Community Empowerment – Pack for a Purpose
  • Environment – One Tree Planted

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How Business in the Community helped Mahlatini

Within the advisory support package (consisting of a three-part workshop), BITC supported Mahlatini’s Sustainability Committee on how the company could take its sustainability work forward by setting its priorities and desired impact outcomes for the years to come.

This was done as part of its 20th-Anniversary vision to actively participate in protecting the planet, specifically regarding its travel destinations, for the next generation. This training was invaluable in deepening Mahlatini’s knowledge of carbon costs and how to make a tangible commitment to reduce emissions – on both an individual and corporate level. We look forward to following Mahlatini’s sustainability journey as it works towards fulfilling the goals set out in the Climate Action Pledge.