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McKinstry Waste Management and Recycling – Cradle to Cradle

Now operating for 45 years, McKinstry Waste Management and Recycling is one of the longest established premier recycling-led Waste Management service providers in Northern Ireland.


With sites in two prime locations and an employment base of 82, the company is committed to sustaining its leading position within the industry through effective resource efficiency.

What McKinstry Waste Management and Recycling did

A resource efficient Northern Ireland is at the centre of McKinstry Waste Management and Recycling business model. The company has worked hard to become a leader within the waste management industry by making multi-million pound investments in its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and fleet of vehicles, implementing an Integrated Management System (consisting of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001) as well as building a strong committed workforce.

The company aims to reuse and recycle all material locally when possible. The most recent example of this was hard-core waste produced from a demolition project at Ulster University recycled into aggregate that could be used as backfill. The McKinstry team liaised with the Shankill Road Regeneration Project and was able to divert 100% of the hard-core waste produced during the original demolition from landfill and created a new commercial product placing it on the market, eliminating the need to use virgin material and completed the CRADLE to CRADLE process.

The outcomes and impacts

  • 100% of hard-core waste from Ulster University demolition diverted from landfill
  • Created a new product to market
  • 2,868 tonnes of Quality Protocol Aggregate drawn by McKinstry’ s for the Shankill Road Social Housing Regeneration Project
  • 92% of overall waste diverted from landfill
  • 181,515 tonnes diverted from landfill since 2009 through Quality Protocol Aggregate protocol
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