Survitec - Business In The Community


Survitec Group Dunmurry, is part of a large group of companies employing north of 3,000 people worldwide. This division specialises in inflatable lifesaving equipment, employ in the region of 300 people. Hear from Survitec Group about its responsible business practices and why it was shortlisted for the NI Responsible Company of the Year 2017 Award

Dunmurry is recognised as the design authority and centre of excellence for Marine, Aviation, and Oil and Gas products, and has a wide-ranging customer base in the UK, Europe and a strong export business. At this site for more than 60 years, the company feels a very strong connection with the local community, and with local suppliers who have shared in its growth and success.

What Survitec did
Survitec identified the need to upgrade its business practices, focussing on business growth, personnel development, and sustainable products and processes by removing waste and standardising its activity. It worked with industry and subject matter experts to gather knowledge on tools and techniques which resulted in: a clear business vision; identification of targets and objectives; the creation of a scorecard to assess performance; implementation of a personal development process to assess individual motivation and activity of employees; a focus on continuous improvement activities to remove waste and cost; and innovative thinking to implement new products and processes expanding markets and market share, and reducing or offsetting the impact on the environment.

  • Business – The company has added new products to its portfolio, resulting in sales growth and new market opportunities, with headcount increasing by 15%. Innovative thinking to standardise products has enabled the firm to reduce stock holdings on materials, and continuous improvement activity has been implemented group-wide by Survitec, and industry-wide on its triple mark cylinders. It has implemented LEAN manufacturing techniques, removing waste from its process and reducing its footprint, resulting in both financial and environmental benefits.
  • People – Survitec has upskilled every member of staff on site focussing on lean, problem solving, environmental awareness techniques. This has led to internal advancement and promotion of several members of the team and the opportunity to lead projects.
  • Community – The workforce runs multiple charitable events annually, and provided multiple health and wellbeing sessions throughout the year for example Chest, Heart and Stroke and Male and Female cancer awareness sessions. The firm has partnered with Titanic Exhibition Centre to inspire young people.
  • Environmental – Survitec has invested in energy saving and stabilising initiatives, low energy lighting and vacuum systems, SMART heating systems. It installed an abatement system to control emissions to air, and is working well below legal limits for emissions. It has engaged with external organisations to move towards zero waste, and worked with Belfast City Council to build awareness of biodiversity activity.
  • Impacts and Outcomes

  • 5-10% growth in sales year on year
  • 92% of staff are proud to say they work for Survitec
  • 97% of staff believe the company contributes positively to the community
  • £14,000 raised to local charities in 2016
  • 126,000 children through the Titanic Education Centre educational programme and 1,850 through the Abandon Ship workshops
  • Conducted 478 Environmental, 402 Lean and 328 problem solving training sessions
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