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Translink is Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider.


It provides an essential public service to the people of Northern Ireland which impacts on everyone, supporting economic growth, social inclusion and the welfare of the local communities it serves. This supports the growth and prosperity of Northern Ireland.

Providing high-quality public transport not only enables a region to thrive, it also helps to address the challenge of congestion and air quality, creating healthier towns and cities. On an individual level it gives people choices, freedom and more opportunities in terms of business, education, shopping, travel, tourism and leisure pursuits.

What Translink did

Translink recognises the value of supporting its local communities and the strategic benefits for its business in terms of supporting business growth and ongoing success, building trust and enhancing corporate reputation.

Community engagement is a strategic priority within its Corporate Responsibility Strategy.  The delivery of the Strategy is underpinned by a set of guiding principles – Safety, People, Innovation, Responsibility, Integrity and Teamwork – this is the Translink SPIRIT.

Translink engages with its customers and local communities through sponsorships, charitable initiatives, consultations and by supporting employees in their fundraising efforts. Public safety initiatives also continue to prove successful and popular, with more children and young people than ever exposed to important safety messages regarding safe travel by bus and rail.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • Instrumental in the development of cyclepaths and walkways in conjunction with community planners
  • Helped to control and prevent anti-social behaviour
  • Provided leadership and expertise to small and medium-sized social enterprises
  • Instigated and supported community clean-up projects and delivered safety education in communities
  • Business outcomes included enhanced awareness/understanding of Translink and its brand
  • Successful business networking and development of new business opportunities
  • Increased Customer loyalty

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