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Viridian Group – a responsible business

Viridian is the leading independent energy company in the all-Ireland market. With an annual turnover of €2 billion and employing over 480 staff across the island of Ireland, the Viridian Group is one of Ireland’s Top 50 Businesses.

The Group comprises Power NI, Power NI Power Procurement Business and the Energia Group of Supply, Generation and Renewables companies. Together, it supplies around 25% of Ireland’s domestic electricity, business energy and green energy markets.

What Viridian Group did
The Viridian Group has dedicated both time and resource to ensure it takes its commitments as a responsible business seriously. It has two key policies in relation to this: Community Involvement Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There are four key themes identified through which the Group channels its resources: Growth, Environment, Education and Efficiency in which to make a sustainable positive impact on the community, environment, marketplace and workplace.

The Viridian Group implements its policies in a number of ways but ensures it gives its employees an active voice when it comes to selecting the initiatives and activities they support. As such, community involvement and work in renewables are two key strands of its Corporate Responsibility action plans. Community involvement is embedded in the work culture through charity committees, corporate sponsorship, volunteering opportunities, and community funds.

Renewables work hard to build relations with communities through schools, community organisations and the Viridian Group also provides a number of services to other organisations such as Bryson House, Citizen’s Advice and other public bodies to help focus on social action around energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

The outcomes and impacts

  • Assisted 1,600 customer with special needs through its customer care register
  • 300 customers registered for free online benefit calculator
  • £36,000 raised for charities
  • Wind Farm Open Days provided for local community groups, schools and local councils/representatives