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WestRock-MPS, Education Award Winner 2018

WestRock-MPS is a global supplier of printed packaging to the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Branded, Food and Drink and Media sectors. The Belfast site has over 150 years' local history of manufacturing supply to the world’s leading brands.


WestRock-MPS Belfast is a conscientious, reliable, highly respected local employer widely recognised as a valuable contributor to the community. It works in partnership with world-class customers who acknowledge our strong ethical approach to business, respect for all, accountability and excellence.

What WestRock-MPS did

WestRock-MPS developed a strategic Education Enrichment Programme to help bridge the gaps between education and employment and complement teaching excellence with practical business related support and guidance.

WestRock-MPS understands that the education system delivers a spectrum of subjects, each essential in helping students learn and excel, but because the business world is so diverse (requiring many different skill sets) it would be impossible to bring the specifics of direct business understanding to the student without direct engagement with business.

For this reason, WestRock-MPS got involved with Business in the Community’s Business Class Programme and also engaged directly with St. Louise’s Comprehensive College with their GCSE Learning for Life and Work (LLW) by bringing students onsite for demonstrations, factory tours and presentations.

The company also provides a Bursary to Third Level Students in the Loughry Campus of CAFRE in Cookstown.

Impacts and Outcomes

Students and teachers have gained exposure to business and manufacturing through the partnership.

Success is measured through achieving improved attendance and exam results. Most recent academic success and improvements were recorded in the following areas (where WestRock-MPS worked specifically and directly with staff and students) within Ballyclare Secondary School:

  • August 2016: the school achieved 37.04% A*-C including Maths and English. This increased in August 2017 to 46.91%.
  • A Level Art 100% A*-C
  • A Level ICT 100% A*-C
  • A Level Design & Technology A*-C 62.5%
  • Plus, a new subject (Graphic Design) was introduced at GCSE level due to the business link with WestRock-MPS

For more information, please email: Alastair.white@westrock-mps.com