Supporting children across NI with digital access | Schools

We aim to compliment support being provided by the NI Executive to provide families with devices to support home learning across NI. In particular we wish to support those families who are on the fringes of FSME financial support, and therefore unable to access the Executive’s devices scheme for their child/children.

To help ensure fair and equitable access to devices, and importantly provide those who need support the most with equipment first, we will be placing our trust in schools to make requests on behalf of families/young people most in need. The scheme will be open to both primary and post-primary schools to apply, in line with the criteria outlined below:

  • The NI Executive’s scheme to provide devices for schools has already been considered and the family is not currently on a waiting list for this scheme
  • They do not meet the requirements of NI Executive devices scheme according to the Department of Education/Education Authority’s criteria*
  • A school – aged family member has been excluded from learning at home due to lack of a computer/suitable device
  • The family does not have the resources to purchase a computer/device

At this stage we are working through donations from businesses, but your school can apply for support based on our criteria. We are unable to guarantee volume, geographical region, or dates for receipt of kit.

Initial requests will be capped at 10 devices per school based on evidence of need. Further requests can be considered. We will keep a waiting list for devices if demand outstrips supply.

Should resources allow, we may look to support the Executive’s scheme directly if they have a growing waiting list against their own criteria.

Please fill in the Form below if you would like to request devices, internet access vouchers for your children, or IT support for your teachers.

We are currently processing devices from companies to be distributed to schools. If you are seeking devices/donations, please email