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About the CRF Climate Action Programme

In 2020, Business in the Community Northern Ireland successfully secured funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund in an open bidding process. The funding was used to develop a Climate Action Programme, similar to a programme of the same name piloted by BITC in partnership with Danske Bank.

The programme worked towards addressing the objectives of BITC’s Business Action on Climate campaign and enabled BITC to reach and support businesses who, via the programme: made a commitment to address the climate emergency; reduce their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions; and sign the Climate Action Pledge. Furthermore, the programme helped participating businesses to build capacity, assist with net-zero planning, and increase levels of reporting and capacity building to enable delivery of immediate and long-term climate action.

Key Outcomes

  • 116 SMEs completed the programme
  • 12 Climate Champions
  • 122 individuals certified as Carbon Literate
  • 272 Advisory Workshops delivered

Motivations for taking part

  • 65% Environmentally Responsible Business
  • 19% Meet Customers’ Expectations
  • 11% Compliance/Good Practice
  • 5% Reducing Running Costs

What NI businesses hope to achieve from taking Climate Action

  • Reduce Co2 emissions | 33%
  • Build awareness among management/staff team | 26%
  • Change company culture to climate change | 24%
  • Influence Decision on Suppliers | 9%
  • All of the above | 7%

Climate Action Resource Hub

If you have recently completed the Climate Action Programme and would like to find out more about the next steps in your climate-action journey, use this helpful Climate Action Resource Hub to help you make further progress.

Are you an organisation in Northern Ireland tackling your scope 3 emissions and would like to support your SME suppliers to take action in reducing their emissions? Find out more here.

Hear from our participants on the CRF Climate Action Programme:

Find out more about the CRF Climate Action Programme in the final Evaluation report here.

The fully funded climate action support within the CRF Climate Action Programme was made possible through funding from the UK Community Renewal Fund.