18-22 March 2019

Would You Be Ready? is a Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI) led initiative helping businesses avoid the potentially devastating consequences caused by a lack of business preparedness for disruptive events such as adverse weather conditions, flooding, cyber attack and civil unrest.

During Would You Be Ready? Week 18-22 March 2019 we are challenging businesses from across all sectors to take a five-minute Readiness Test and answer ten scenario-based questions that will help your business gauge it’s vulnerability to a range of disruptions.

At the end of the test you will be able to download a resilience guide containing advice and quick and easy tips to help ensure that you’re prepared for the worst.

Extreme Weather

Severe and inclement weather can hit at any time and businesses of all sizes can suffer their consequences.

Extreme Weather

Impacts of extreme weather on businesses can be particularly devastating. In the worse-case scenarios, adverse weather can mean reduced access to the essential products and services that businesses need to run.

If unprepared, this could ultimately lead to businesses becoming insolvent or closing altogether. It is imperative that businesses have a robust plan in place to be prepared for storms, floods or other weather events.

Take our free ten-minute Readiness Test to help you gauge how vulnerable your business is to extreme weather.

External Resources:

Flood guidance website — This free resource includes a section for businesses, and it provides step-by-step guidance of what to do in the event of a flood, information on who to contact following a flood, and how to minimise the impact of future flooding.

Sign up for weather alert warnings from the Met Office

Check your flood risk in Northern Ireland

Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks may not be on the top of your priority list; however, cyber-related incidents are more common than you think.

We may think large businesses have all the requisite controls necessary to deal with a cyber disruption, yet businesses of all sizes are at risk. Small businesses do not always realise they can be the gateway to big businesses’ data loss.

Impacts of cyber-attacks on businesses can be devastating: a breach could mean loss of reputation or contract, a GDPR fine or, worse, it could ultimately lead to businesses becoming insolvent and going out of business.

It is imperative that businesses have robust cyber security measures in place to be prepared for a cyber breach, along with response & recovery plans should the worst occur.

Take our free ten-minute Readiness Test to help you gauge how vulnerable your business is to cyber attack.

External Resources:

National Cyber Security Centre: Cyber Essentials

National Cyber Security Centre: Small Business Guide

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