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Northstone (NI) Limited is part of CRH plc, the leading global building materials group employing more than 90,000 people at approximately 4,000 locations in 37 countries.  CRH has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy and business model, and it is committed to sustainably, responsibly, and to ethically managing all aspects of its operations in relation to all stakeholders.  In doing so, CRH can continue to extend its positive influence across the value chain, while building a strong and resilient business that is capable of delivering sustainable returns for all stakeholders.  Northstone is headquartered in Belfast and is a leading construction materials producer, building and civil engineering contractor, and utility chamber manufacturer.  It has locations throughout Northern Ireland, with regional offices in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Manchester and London.  The business is accredited to both the CORE Standard and the Business Working Responsibility Mark.

What Corporate Responsibility means to us

Sustainability and CR are essential strategic components of the Northstone business model. Through its parent company, CRH plc, it is dedicated to external and transparent reporting of its sustainability performance, which is externally verified. Sustainability also extends to every operational aspect of its business, which – put simply – means it runs better, it sells better, and it buys better. CR at Northstone is all about responsible and coordinated management of its obligations in respect of the environment, health and safety, its people, and the communities in which it operates, as well as its position on climate change and governance. The Northstone Sustainability Agenda is complemented by a comprehensive Code of Business Conduct, which outlines its core values, as well as a commitment requiring our senior people to lead with integrity in terms of ethics, communication styles, accountability, and responsiveness. Over a relatively short period, Community engagement at Northstone has become a contractual obligation on all construction projects when working with clients, local communities and its supply chain; this is so that Northstone can achieve social goals in which construction activity can be used as a vehicle to deliver employment and skills-training opportunities to the unemployed and the under-privileged in the areas in which it works. These goals are consistent with the BITC focus areas of supporting young people into employment and using the volunteering potential of its workforce and contractors to address deprivation and disadvantage.

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