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Work with us to tackle the biggest issues facing the environment and society

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We offer a range of programmes and initiatives
to help your business be a force of good.

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Stop child hunger
in Northern Ireland

Help support 10,000 primary school
children with nutritious food through the
Good Food Fund – donate today.

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"I believe that by joining Business in the Community, organisations transform how they do business. Putting People, the Planet, and the Places in which we operate on an equal footing with Profits makes good business sense. The need to work together to create a better world has never been greater."

Chris Conway, Chief Executive, Translink


Menopause support for colleagues

Danske Bank is committed to raising awareness, educating, and training on menopause so that women fe [...]

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Wellbeing at Work Award 2023

GRAHAM is a privately-owned company with a rich history dating back to 1778. [...]

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Allstate NI supports employees with caring responsibilities

Allstate NI offers its employees a range of flexible working arrangements that can be used to suppor [...]

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Unlocking Men’s Wellness: Science-Backed Strategies for a Healthier Movember

28 Nov 2023

We are excited to offer a FREE session for your organisation as part of our Movember programme where [...]

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Communications Leadership Team Meeting November 2023

28 Nov 2023

The team drives the work of Business in the Community’s Communications Team. [...]

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Understanding CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business

28 Nov 2023

Participants will learn what is involved in the CORE - The Standard for Responsible Business process [...]

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Verizon Business and Bayer: When our people win, everyone wins

  • In this episode, we will explore how Tony and Loek’s shared passion for people development plays out in both of their businesses, how development talent for the future is critical for business success, and we’ll ask them what a responsible future looks like for them personally, professionally and digitally.

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