Education & Jobs

Our goal is to raise aspirations, support skills development and enable everyone to engage fully in society and to prosper to the best of their abilities.

We seek to support a society where the most disadvantaged achieve their full potential through enhanced skills and aspirations, and fewer people are in poverty due to increased skills and opportunities provided by business.

We will do this by:

  • Providing role models for young people and the most disadvantaged to raise aspirations, support educational attainment and skills development
  • Engaging with business and key partners to broker support for schools with personal resilience and mental-health issues

How we can help you

  • Ban the Box – More than 11 million people in the UK have criminal convictions. The biggest influencing factor in reducing re-offending is employment. We help businesses navigate their way through the issues and find ways to actively support.
  • Digital Donations Appeal – The access to digital devices is crucial to a child’s education and their opportunity to realise their full potential. During the COVID-19 pandemic we worked with businesses to provide over 600 hundred devices to children who needed them.
  • Exploring Apprenticeships – With only 13% of employers in Northern Ireland offering apprenticeships, find out what approach some companies are taking – learn from their successes and challenges.
  • LifeSkills – An amazing, free-to-access resource to help educators, parents and young people better understand the needs of the 21st Century workplace and help prepare young people for the transition into working life.
  • Time 2 Count – Time 2 Count aims to help pupils enhance their basic skills in maths and numeracy while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Time to Code – Join this volunteering initiative for children at Key Stage 2, helping to teach them how to code, build their confidence and develop their social skills.
  • Time to Read – Be part of Time to Read, our ground-breaking literacy programme. Scientists have found that children who can read well by the age of seven are more intelligent in later years. Time to Read bridges the gap in literacy skills for children up to the age of ten.
  • Work Inspiration – Work Inspiration works with employers to develop quality, interactive experiences of work to help young people develop skills for the workplace, and make more informed subject and career choices.

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