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  • Age at Work

    Age or opportunity? Change how you view your workforce. Click and Connect with us to find out how your business can benefit from taking action to become a more age-inclusive workplace.

  • Age-Inclusive Business Review

    The Age Inclusive Business Review tool is a self-assessment that has been developed to help businesses identify gaps in relation to being an age inclusive and age friendly employer.

  • Age-Inclusive Learning Network | Online workshops

    Would you like to be part of the Age-Inclusive Learning Network?

  • Ban the Box

    More than 11 million people in the UK have criminal conviction. The biggest influencing factor in reducing re-offending is employment.

  • Business Action on Climate

    Business in the Community is leading on a collaborative climate campaign – Business Action on Climate - that puts Northern Ireland businesses at the forefront of action on the climate emergency.

  • Business & Biodiversity Charter

    Business in the Community, in partnership with Ulster Wildlife, provides the Business and Biodiversity Charter – a framework for businesses to engage with biodiversity.

  • Carbon Literacy Training

    Carbon Literacy is defined as: “An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

  • Carer Passport

    The Carer Passport is a confidential document used by any employee with caring responsibilities. It allows employees to document their personal circumstances and highlight how these might impact on their working life.

  • Cares Practical Volunteering

    Support your community and improve the skills and team work of your staff with practical volunteering events

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