Climate Action & Carbon Footprint

Our goal is a just transition to an environmentally sustainable Northern Ireland.


Biodiversity is the whole variety of all living things on earth, from habitats where our plants and animals live, to individual organisms. The Business and Biodiversity Charter provides a framework to help businesses in Northern Ireland engage with biodiversity, develop their biodiversity initiatives, and provides external recognition for companies involved.

Business Action on Climate

Business Action on Climate is a collaborative climate campaign that puts Northern Ireland businesses at the forefront of action on the climate emergency.

The Climate Action Pledge is an integral part of the campaign that challenges and supports businesses to set and achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, publicly demonstrating commitment to address this critical issue, as part of their race to net zero.

In aiding Northern Businesses to commit to the Climate Action Pledge and take positive climate action, we provide climate training and advisory workshops, inclusive of accredited Carbon Literacy Training. The comprehensive training package is also accessible through our Climate Action Programme.

Explore our helpful Climate Action Resource Hub, developed through funding by CRF, to help you make further progress on your climate action journey.

Environmental Benchmarking

Measuring corporate environmental management and performance through the annual NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey.