Community Engagement

Our goal is to raise aspirations, support skills development and enable everyone to engage fully in society and to prosper to the best of their abilities.

Vibrant, healthy communities where people have a sense of hope and a belief in their future prospects is critical to the success of Northern Ireland. We seek to support a society where the most disadvantaged achieve their full potential through enhanced skills and aspirations, and fewer people are in poverty due to increased skills and opportunities provided by business.

We will do this by:

  • Engaging with business and key partners to broker support for local communities with personal resilience and mental-health issues
  • Supporting businesses to engage with local communities through volunteering and mentoring
  • Working with companies and future employees (including the most disadvantaged) on a campaign to develop skills for the workplace and address differences in attitudes and expectations

How we can help you

  • Practical volunteering – Getting your business into the hearts of communities to provide practical support, and improve the skills and team work of your staff
  • Skills Match – register on this online platform that links up skilled and knowledgeable business volunteers with community, voluntary, social enterprise and public sector organisations that have made a request for professional support across a wide range of skill sets
  • All Volunteering opportunities – practical, skills, digital, education