Sponsorship with Business in the Community affords companies the opportunity to demonstrate responsible leadership, and help tackle some of our key social issues. In return, we guarantee high profile within the Northern Ireland media, online, and through an extensive range of social media channels.

Take a look at some of our current opportunities. There is something to fit every company. As a not-for-profit organisation, Business in the Community seeks only to cover costs.

Responsible Business in Action Campaign 2020

This two week campaign will focus on the digital CR stories from members and non-members. We’ll be encouraging as much sharing as possible of video content on social media and online of great responsible business stories.

A full PR plan including press, social media and online presence will be developed and a Sponsor’s Digital Toolkit produced. We will host a launch of the project too and we’ll link in with BITC nationally to maximise coverage and impact.

Sponsorship opportunities range from £4k

Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland 2020

Belfast Waterfront Hall

These Awards capture and celebrate the most inspiring and impactful stories of responsible business practices in Northern Ireland. The most prestigious and robust business awards remain free to enter. All entries benefit from high-quality peer-to-peer feedback. Winners are celebrated at our Gala Dinner with an audience of more than 500 guests.

We are currently seeking a leading, responsible company to join us to take on the mantle as Key Sponsor from 2020. Could it be you? Category sponsorships for 2020 will open in July 2019.

Sponsorship opportunities range from £5 – £16k

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Healthy Working Lives Conference 2020

Our annual Healthy Working Lives Conference is Northern Ireland’s biggest workplace health event and attracts over 150 people from across Northern Ireland to explore the challenges and opportunities their businesses face when endeavoring to create a positive and healthy workplace.

This conference is our Workplace flagship annual event that has been running for the past seven years. It has always been targeted at HR professionals and attracts around 150 delegates each year. For 2020, will refocus the conference to include the Voluntary and Community sector  alongside business representatives from a range of professions, not limited to HR. This conference will focus on physical and mental health and  wellbeing, and will present some of the latest thinking on how business and communities can work together to address key health issues. It will feature high profile speakers, interactive breakout sessions and panel discussions.

Sponsorship: £15k (includes keynote speaker platform) or £10k  (includes workshop speaker platform)

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Sponsorship is available for the research, development, and writing of six thought leadership articles across 12 months focusing on key responsible business issues. Each article will appear in Ulster Business magazine (bi-monthly). They will also feature as a blog on www.bitcni.org.uk.

Sponsorship: £6k across 12 months (this can be split into a monthly fee of £500)

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30th Anniversary ‘Partners in Leadership’ Initiative

This project would involve signing up 30 business leaders from our Board and Leadership Teams and matching them with 30 civic leaders from a range of community organisations, charities or schools to carry out a mentoring initiative aimed at building the capacity of leaders in civic society and sharing skills and insights across the sectors. There would be a lot of profile around this opportunity, with set clear targets, outputs and measures. It needs to take place in this anniversary year, starting in May/June, with report back before the end of 2019 on achievements. We could feature this at the Community Conference in November and use this platform for sharing some of the learning and profiling that has taken place.

Sponsorship: £10k

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Schools SDGs Project

We would like to develop and deliver a business-supported education programme that will engage 11 to 18-year olds (Key Stage 3, 4 and post 16) in learning more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empower them to influence behaviour change and become local champions of environmental sustainability in their schools, communities, and wider civic society. Scale would be entirely dependent on funding available, but this could be a large two-year project covering six post-primary schools and involving a mix of classroom sessions, a Big SDGs Debate, a Schools Challenge project and a showcase event.

Keynote Sponsor – two -year project – c£60k
Keynote Sponsor – one-year, one element project – c£15k

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Business & Biodiversity Charter

This Charter provides a staged approach to assist companies in addressing their impacts on biodiversity, and provides third party recognition of achievement at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. It offers a structured framework for implementation of biodiversity initiatives and for engaging with employees and the wider community on the natural environment. Business in the Community is seeking the support of lead organisations to partner with us on promoting the Charter within their supply chains – to address a key aspect of environmental sustainability in Northern Ireland.

Sponsorship opportunities – from £5k

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Office Plastics Reduction Toolkit

Public awareness of the dangers that single-use plastics pose to the environment is at an all-time high, and many businesses have responded by developing their own plastics reduction initiatives. This sponsorship opportunity would bring together examples of best practice to create an interactive Office Plastics Reduction Toolkit, providing businesses with answers on how to engage employees in the issue to drive behaviour change, the alternatives to single-use plastics, and how to work with suppliers on this timely issue. We would also be happy to discuss the development of toolkits and guides on other sustainability issues.

One sponsorship opportunity over two years – £9k

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Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey 2020 – 2022

Running for more than 20 years, the Survey is firmly established as the leading business environmental benchmark in Northern Ireland, and is widely recognised as a key driver for environmental management and improvement. During its lifetime, the NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey has continually developed to reflect current issues in corporate environmental sustainability and we fully expect this process to continue in future years. Business in the Community is currently seeking the support of a key, committed partner to help us promote and drive forward the environmental agenda through this long-standing, high profile initiative.

One sponsorship opportunity over three years – £24k

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Engagement Calendar 2020 – 2022

Produced for eight consecutive years, the Engagement Calendar is distributed annually by post to more than 600 key contacts in leading public and private sector businesses across Northern Ireland. It is produced in desktop form, and challenges and supports employers to take a responsible approach to the wellbeing of their employees and establish engagement and wellbeing plans and strategies. Each month features a specific wellbeing theme and highlights key dates both locally and nationally. We are seeking a sponsor who will become a strategic partner in promoting responsible employee engagement and wellbeing.

Sponsorship opportunities range from £5k for one year, and reduced rates for three or five year commitments

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HR Leaders’ Networking Series

This group will bring together senior HR practitioners on a bi-annual basis to explore topical issues, hear from expert speakers, learn from best practice case studies, and enjoy a chance to network and share knowledge and ideas. We are seeking a leading partner organisation for this initiative, helping to drive forward strategic employee engagement.

Sponsorship opportunity for one year: £5k

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Time to Read Celebration Event

Time to Read has been running since 1999 and more than 450 volunteers read with Key stage 2 pupils from schools across Northern Ireland on a weekly basis. Our annual celebration event is a platform for us to celebrate the achievements of the schools and business volunteers involved in the programme, and we are currently seeking an event sponsor. This is an ideal opportunity to sponsor a truly rewarding event which highlights the importance of good literacy skills for a child’s prospects at school and in life, and how vital this is for our economy and for the sustainability of our workforces.

One sponsorship opportunity – £5k – £10k

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2018 Mini-Employment Seminars

These seminars are targeted at unemployed persons aged 18+ and aim to improve their job search abilities and help them into employment. Led by HR professionals responsible for recruitment, the four seminars are structured around four job search stages, and include job search tips and techniques, to help participants stand out against other applicants in their search for employment. The series is focused on those who most need support interventions and also benefits the economy by widening the labour pool. The four events will target a total of 120 unemployed people.

Sponsorship of the seminar series – £7,200; Sponsorship of one seminar – from £2k

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FutureProof aims to help companies develop a long-term strategic approach to attracting and retaining young talent. This Framework challenges and supports employers to re-assess criteria for entry level roles. It offers practical toolkits and activities to help employers identify key steps needed to introduce a strategic approach to develop entry level pathways.

Current recruitment doesn’t match the future workforce. Work is changing and with more young people entering the job market, hiring processes need to catch up. With 1 in 3 young people finding applying for jobs difficult, and 1 in 5 saying a bad process had put them off the company they applied to; poor recruitment isn’t just damaging young people but also the reputation of employers. We want to help businesses shine a light on the skills they need and open their eyes to the potential of all young people.

Sponsorship options:
Single sponsor to deliver the full campaign – £55k Sponsorship of a particular element, eg ‘inspire’ element of the Youth Employment Framework (eg work inspiration activities) – £10k

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Special Volunteering Days

Across Northern Ireland

Be a Saint Day – March
Stars & Stripes Day – July
Love your Landscape Day – September
This is a unique opportunity to sponsor one or more of the newest additions to our employer supported volunteer action days (as listed above). With a full media plan including launch photocall, engagement with press and broadcast media, sponsor/s will have the opportunity to be profiled as a key driver/s of volunteering in Northern Ireland. Love Your Landscape Day may be of particular appeal to businesses with a vested interest in the natural environment, while Stars & Stripes Day may be the perfect fit for a US company with a presence in Northern Ireland.

One sponsorship opportunity – £3k per challenge

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Get Diggin’ 2019 Volunteering Project

Across Northern Ireland

National Allotment Week will be running 12 – 18 August 2019, and we’ll be celebrating by connecting businesses with community allotments and green spaces across Northern Ireland. We’ll be partnering with Ground Work NI to give businesses the opportunity to engage their staff in volunteering opportunities at the heart of local communities.

By combining volunteer numbers throughout Get Diggin’ week with a strong social media campaign we will put the spotlight on social, educational and economic importance of community allotments and the power of volunteering. We will engage at least 15 companies and have no less than 150 volunteers involved in volunteering activities throughout the week.

Sponsorship opportunity – £3k

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Volunteer Week Project- TAKEN by VIRIDIAN

Volunteer Week (1 – 7 June) is an annual campaign which celebrates the valuable contributions made by volunteers. We will be marking the week by providing a range of volunteering activities for businesses and highlighting the positive effects of employer supported volunteering in Northern Ireland. Over the last twelve months 2000 volunteers have supported communities across Northern Ireland through Business in the Community’s suite of volunteer programmes.
During Volunteer Week, we will engage at least 30 companies, with no less than 200 volunteers to support 30 charities.

Sponsorship opportunity – £3k

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Building Stronger Communities Conference

Park Avenue Hotel, Belfast

Following on from the sell-out community conference held in 2018, we will host a highly interactive event with key business and third sector professionals to explore the causes and some of the potential solutions to tackle poverty in Northern Ireland. Poverty is an increasing issue here, from holiday hunger to homelessness, from in-work poverty to the challenges of universal credit. This event will tackle the hard issues and explore how business can make a difference.

Sponsorship opportunity – £10k

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