Make Northern Ireland a better place in which to live, work and do business.

Whether you want to engage more with your local community, improve your employees’ wellbeing, or you’re actively seeking to reduce your environmental impact, we are keen to work with you. Every member, through their charitable donation, supports the work we’re doing to make Northern Ireland a better place in which to live, work and do business. This enables us to deliver impactful and unique initiatives that make a real difference. Membership is the most effective way of turning commitment to being a responsible business into action . . . and we’ll support you every step of the way. Find out more

Join the Network for Responsible Business to . . .
Membership Levels
  • Engaged

    £2,000 +

    For organisations that value corporate responsibility and who actively seek to be responsible in their business activities.

  • Strategic

    £4,000 +

    For organisations that want to embed corporate responsibility within their operations.

  • Transformational

    £6600 +

    For Northern Ireland's leading responsible businesses. We will work with you to build bespoke campaigns that meet your business needs.

  • Small Business Network

    For companies with 25 employees or less to become part of the responsible business movement.

  • “As a business, we want to be a good corporate citizen, but working as part of the Business in the Community - the responsible business network - enables us to join forces with other like minded companies, and make a greater difference; tackling some of the biggest issues we face in society in Northern Ireland.”

    Sam Davidson

    Group HR Director, the Henderson Group

  • “Being a member of Business in the Community has enhanced our Corporate Social Responsibility as well as our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. BITC have helped us develop an action plan in key areas of the business in relation to people, planet, place, marketplace to help us to succeed as a market leader. The volunteering opportunities provided by BITC are of both a benefit to the company and employees in giving back to the local community.”


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