8. COVID-19: How can you help?

Let’s all help to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on communities, especially for those who are the most vulnerable.


Supporting your communities – the power of the Business in the Community network

Business in the Community is the responsible business network and as such we have the power to convene and mobilise our network of member organisations, large and small, who may have the ability and capacity to support others at this time of need. We are availing of advice and direction provided by our Place Leadership Team to determine resources and business commitments to the community as we progress through this crisis. We are also consulting with our community partners on need. If you or your organisation are able to offer support, please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Useful links

Download Volunteer Now COVID19 Information sheets for: Organisations that involve volunteers in COVID19 related roles; Volunteers in organisations carrying out COVID19 related roles; and Informal volunteers that are carrying out COVID19 related activities without the support of an organisation.

Volunteer for the Health and Social Care Trust – register your interest here.

Volunteer to help NI schools stay open. Click here for more information.

Request Support

If your charity or voluntary sector organisation would like to request some support at this time, please contact angela.mccartney@bitcni.org.uk.