Ambitious Partnerships

Business in the Community held a Charity and Business Partnership event on 27 February 2020.

Jonathan Andrews from Remarkable Partnerships was the speaker and gave us lots of tips on how to develop ambitious partnerships with business.

Lessons from Jonathan Andrews…

How do we take our partnerships from the Philanthropic level to the transformational level? It takes leadership, relationships, time and effort. Age UK and Innocent started in 2005 and in three years grew ten times, they have already raised £2.5 million and are still going strong. Tesco and WWF have a transformational partnership with the ambitious aim of halving the environmental impact of a shopping basket by 2022. Now it is less about social responsibility and more about purpose, less about fundraising and more about achieving your mission. What companies and people want to know is the difference you are going to make not about the money you need.

“Corporate social responsibility has got its turbo bookts on and now it’s all about purpose, being a force for good” – Jonathan Andrews

So what’s in it for charities?

  • Help to deliver your mission
  • Secure value beyond just money
  • Increased awareness
  • Credibility
  • Sustainability

There can be obstacles that hinder charities developing partnerships with businesses, such as: fear of failure, difference in culture, having a clear message, leadership, time and resources.

Some ways we can overcome these obstacles :

  • Have a clear roadmap
  • Understand the other party’s needs
  • Clarify the purpose for creating partnerships
  • Be brave
  • Bring colleagues with you

“People don’t but what you want to do, they buy why you want to do it” – Simon Sinek

Business and the Community and NICVA are working together on a new Skills Match programme which is a great way to connect charities to business and make the most of the skills that can be shared so watch this space. We have a workshop on Building successful relationships with business in NICVA on 26 March so if you are interested in learning more and hearing from some NI businesses then book online.