Become a Climate Action Programme Climate Champion

The Programme presents a fantastic opportunity to address your scope 3 emissions, build relationships with key suppliers, and be seen as a leader for climate action in Northern Ireland.

Commitment required from the Climate Champion Organisations

  • Aim to recruit at least eight SMEs from your value chain that are based in Northern Ireland
  • Ensure each participating SME commits to the agreed terms and conditions of the programme   
  • Support the SME on their climate journey 


Cost per participating SME is valued at £1,000. Climate Champions can choose to fully fund a cohort of SME participants, or part-fund each SME (SME will pay remaining value, this must be agreed with Climate Champion and SME ahead of programme commencement). 

Find out more about previous Climate Champions who took part in a Climate Action Programme:

To find out more about becoming a climate champion organisation or to register your interest, please contact