COP26 | firmus energy | Business in the Community NI

firmus energy is a local, Northern Ireland, natural gas distribution and supply company. It provides safe, practical and environmentally friendly natural gas to over 108,000 homes and businesses across the country. firmus energy is already on its journey to carbon net zero by 2050

Phase One:

Maximising the number of households converting from oil to natural gas. Every home switched will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 48%*

Phase Two:

Facilitate the injection of biomethane into our existing network and introduce compressed natural gas for commercial vehicles.

Phase Three:

Facilitate the injection of a blend of hydrogen into the existing network before moving towards a full hydrogen economy and net zero carbon emissions for Northern Ireland.

“Sustainability is a strategic priority within firmus energy and our modern, natural gas network is a ready-made decarbonisation solution which will help ‘green our heat’ in Northern Ireland by 2050. During this climate emergency we need all NI businesses to work together and take steps towards a greener future throughout their daily operations. The hub is a great starting point for those businesses who have heard about COP26 but aren’t sure how they can get involved in what’s happening on a more local scale.”

Eric Cosgrove, Director of Engineering and Sustainability, firmus energy



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