Good Food Fund | School Request Support


1. What is the current need in Northern Ireland?

Of the Free School Meals entitlement (FSM)% of all 796 primary schools listed in 2021/22, 151 schools (19%) had a FSM% of 40% and above.

2. Where are these schools located? Where is the greatest need?

These schools are based across various council areas in Northern Ireland, the majority however are located in Belfast and the Derry/Londonderry areas. There are pockets of deprivation in geographical areas where schools report lower levels of FSME.

3. How many schools/children will the Good Food Fund support?

The Good Food Fund aims to impact 100 schools, resulting in a minimum of 10,000 young people being positively impacted.

4. How it will work?

Business in the Community will redistribute the Good Food Fund and maximise its impact using a number of channels.

5. How can companies get involved?

Business in the Community will approach its members and wider businesses across Northern Ireland to inform them of the Good Food Fund and communicate the impact a financial contribution could make to Primary Schools across the province. In addition, Business in the Community will explore the possibility of members being involved in other ways e.g. the donation of goods. If you would like to discuss options, please contact

6. Will funding be sought elsewhere?

Maximising the fund, Business in the Community is actively seeking to leverage the Good Food Fund via contributions or matched-funding from public sector departments or bodies and other sources.

To discuss this project further, please email