Keelin McCone - Business In The Community

Head of Environment

Keelin is a dynamic leader at the forefront of Business in the Community’s environmental initiatives. With a keen eye for fostering positive change and a passion for sustainability, Keelin spearheads the organisation’s environmental campaign, diligently working to influence and coordinate the collective voice and actions of businesses on crucial environmental matters.

In her role, Keelin holds the reins of BITC’s climate campaign, “Business Action on Climate,” steering it towards impactful outcomes. Notably, she has been instrumental in developing and overseeing BITC’s Climate Action Programme, a groundbreaking initiative that has witnessed the enthusiastic participation of over 200 businesses since its inception in 2022. Under Keelin’s guidance, this program has become a beacon for companies striving to make meaningful contributions to environmental conservation.

Her responsibilities also extend to the revered NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey. Notably, Keelin is instrumental in championing the Business and Biodiversity Charter, further emphasising her dedication to holistic and responsible business practices.

Since joining Business in the Community in 2006, Keelin has lent her expertise to a diverse array of environmental projects. Her passion lies in engaging companies in meaningful change, guiding them towards a sustainable future. This dedication is not just theoretical; it’s exemplified in the tangible impact of the Climate Action Programme she has developed.

Keelin’s expertise is underscored by her status as a trained IEMA Environmental Auditor. Notably, she played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System at Business in the Community, showcasing her hands-on approach to fostering environmentally conscious practices within the organisation.