Five Steps to Wellbeing | Workplace Accreditation

This session will support your workplace to strategically implement the Take 5 Steps into Wellbeing into its health and wellbeing strategy.

  • Date:

    22 Mar 2023

  • Time:

    9:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Location:

    Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim

  • Price:

    Free (members only)

Please note: this session is available for Business in the Community members only.

Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing is a set of evidence-based public health messages aimed at improving the wellbeing of the whole population. Evidence indicates that individuals who practice all five steps have the highest level of wellbeing, regardless of their circumstances.

The Take 5 Accreditation aims to provide leaders at work with the tools and guidance to audit their current wellbeing activities, identify the gaps and create a Take 5 action plan to inspire and support employees to practice the Take 5 daily.

Please note: this is to only register your interested as spaces are limited and an application process will be implemented.

The accreditation includes:

  • One half day Take 5 training for two individuals in your organisation (this is compulsory training)
  • A Take 5 toolkit to audit current activities and plan future Take 5 activities
  • Networking opportunities with other organisations
  • Review and feedback on Take 5 action plan
  • A Take 5 Accreditation Award

For more information, please contact Katherine McKnight.