Allstate NI joins with Women’s Aid to help end domestic violence and promote equity

To mark International Women’s Day, Allstate NI is partnering with Women’s Aid to help eliminate domestic violence by providing technical support, fundraising and leadership mentoring services.

Incidents of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland reached an all-time high in 2020. Many women were trapped in a cycle of prolonged violence during lockdowns, and as overall crime rates fell, domestic abuse rates increased and five individuals lost their lives.

Allstate NI will support Women’s Aid’s Hear Her Voice campaign to highlight the violent, abusive and often life-threatening situations many women face.

Managing Director of Allstate NI John Healy said:

“The events of 2020 challenged many businesses, employers and staff, but none can compare to the challenges facing women trapped at home in abusive relationships.”

“We are proud to mark International Women’s Day with this partnership and will continue our advocacy to end domestic violence and foster a society where women can live and work without the fear of violence or discrimination.”

As the lead voluntary organisation addressing domestic and sexual violence in Northern Ireland, Women’s Aid believes abuse against women is a direct result of their unequal position in business and across all levels of society. Through this new partnership, Women’s Aid and Allstate NI will collaborate to challenge inequality on a corporate level.

Allstate NI employees will contribute their time and expertise to raise awareness of bias and make progress toward a more equal world. The business will undertake 16 days of action later this year to advance the fight against domestic violence and challenge the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate abusive behaviour.

Women’s Aid’s mission of equality and choice for everyone aligns with The Allstate Foundation’s work to empower youth, disrupt the cycle of domestic violence, transform communities, develop nonprofit leaders and create a more equitable world.

The Allstate Foundation contributes to the eradication of domestic abuse and provides victim support services to equip survivors with the education, resources and financial empowerment to flee abusive relationships. The Foundation also supports healthy relationships education for young people to help stop the generational cycle of violence before it starts.

CEO of Women’s Aid Federation NI Sarah Mason said:

“Partnering with Allstate NI marks a step forward in our campaign to integrate the corporate world into the movement toward a safer and more equal society for women.”

“Collaborating with business is essential to promote the position of women in society and challenge the underlying causes of domestic abuse through training and mentoring.”