ASDA NI welcomes Social Care workers to dedicated shopping hour

Asda stores are celebrating the work of the 38,000 social care workers across Northern Ireland who deliver frontline services to vulnerable people in their own homes, residential care, nursing homes and charitable organisations.

With a new updated digital certificate of registration now in place as proof of Health & Social Care (HSC) identification, Store Manager Robert Ryans, welcomed Connected Health Area Manager for East Antrim, Ashley Cambell (front left), Senior Carer Stephanie Galloway (front right) Area Manager for Antrim & Ballymena, Yasmin Anderson (back left) and Care Assistant Nicole Scott (back right) to Asda’s flagship store in Antrim. They were there to make the most of the dedicated shopping hour (8-9am every Mon, Wed, Friday) for frontline healthcare workers which includes those working in social care roles.

Welcoming Asda’s support, the Chief Executive of the Social Care Council, Patricia Higgins said: “The sense of community spirit during these difficult times has been immense. Our social care workforce, alongside all key workers, are tirelessly going the extra mile with great dedication and compassion. The care they provide to some of the most vulnerable and isolated people in our communities has never been more significant, than now. We commend Asda’s approach in recognising social care workers as frontline staff and thank all their staff too, for their selfless acts in helping keep the stores opened and stocked.”

Speaking about how Asda are supporting social care workers, Asda Antrim General Store Manager, Robert Ryans added: “Asda is proud to lend our support to the frontline workers in the health sector who face tough challenges at this difficult time. We want to make it clear that this support is extended to our social care workers and hope that their inclusion in our dedicated shopping hour will be of real benefit as they balance the demands of managing home and working life.”