Business in the Community and Diversity Mark forge partnership to champion diversity and inclusion in Northern Ireland

Business in the Community (BITCNI) and Diversity Mark have today announced an exciting new partnership aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace throughout Northern Ireland.

Over the coming months, BITCNI and Diversity Mark will organise a series of peer-learning and best practice-sharing events. These will be open to all organisations, irrespective of their Diversity Mark participation status or BITCNI membership.

Diversity Mark and BITCNI recognise the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion in Northern Ireland. BITCNI has championed diverse and inclusive employment practices and provided tangible support, including training, peer learning, and awareness-raising campaigns for business for more than three decades.

Diversity Mark is the awarding body of the Diversity Mark accreditation, which is a symbol of commitment to Diversity & Inclusion excellence. As part of the WiB Group of social enterprises Diversity Mark’s mission is to help businesses build more diverse and inclusive workplaces, through accreditation, insights, best practice and peer support.

Kieran Harding, Managing Director, BITC said: “Through this partnership, we aim to collaborate more effectively to achieve mutual goals while minimising duplication, leveraging our respective strengths, and providing coordinated support to businesses in Northern Ireland committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that businesses across Northern Ireland will benefit from this joined-up approach, enabling them to take action and receive accreditation and support more quickly.”

Christine White, Director at Diversity Mark shared: “In this transformative partnership, Diversity Mark will lead the accreditation which adheres to the highest standards, with signatory organisations fostering diversity and inclusion initiatives to elevate their workplaces into the position of value and respect for every individual. This collaboration enables us to leverage the specialised support within BITCNI to provide tailored assistance across a spectrum of themes ranging from race and gender, to neurodiversity and age. A shared emphasis on these critical topics, alongside a central focus on allyship, with our sister organisation, the Centre of Learning, unites us in our common pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable future.”

The partnership between Diversity Mark and BITCNI marks an important milestone in the journey toward creating diverse and inclusive workplaces in Northern Ireland. By joining forces, these organisations are demonstrating their commitment to driving positive change and fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and inclusion is embraced.

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