Business in the Community welcomes the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive – Kieran Harding, Managing Director

The past few days have seen a significant development in the political history of Northern Ireland with the devolved government once again back in Stormont. 

There is a sense of cautious optimism that we are entering a new period of governance with all parties committed to doing their part. And there is much to do. Everyone wants to see progress made quickly. I have no doubt there will be some quick wins, others will need a much longer-term approach.

Business in the Community is keen to see progress on health, wellbeing, diversity, inclusion, environmental sustainability, net zero, the circular economy, helping those farthest removed from the labour market to gain meaningful employment, working with communities to ensure they thrive and finding ways so that every child can reach their full potential. In the absence of government, responsible businesses have taken on many of these issues.

Business in the Community will support the Executive, its Ministers and their Departments in the delivery of positive results for Northern Ireland and we will continue our work in helping address some of the biggest societal and environmental issues we face. With the opportunity to now work in partnership with government I believe much more can be achieved.