Citi Belfast’s 5K Race Returns Raising Support for Local Charity Partner

Attended by over 400 runners, Citi Belfast recently welcomed the return of its annual 5K Race, a key fundraiser for its Charity of the Year. This year funds raised will be donated to The Welcome Organisation to enable its continued offering of a wide range of services to support the homeless community across Northern Ireland.

Speaking about the success of Citi’s 5K race, Leigh Meyer, Belfast Site Lead said, “We are delighted by the turn-out at this year’s 5K Race as well as the support it has generated for our Charity of the Year, The Welcome Organisation. After 3 years of not been able to complete this event due to the pandemic, we were energised and inspired by the level of support and look forward to it becoming part of our annual events calendar once again.”

Commenting on the continued support from Citi for Welcome Organisation Kieran Hughes, Fundraising and Marketing Manager at Welcome Organisation, added “The support The Welcome Organisation has received from Citi Belfast so far has been phenomenal and beyond all our expectations. The charity committee – and the whole staff team at Citi – have approached the partnership with energy, enthusiasm and passion from day one.

Each fundraising event, volunteering day and clothing, food and toiletries appeal has been embraced to the fullest. The money raised and items donated so far will make a real and positive difference to our work and in turn to the lives of the people who use our service.

Together we are already close to reaching our target for the year with six months to go, and we are looking forward to the remaining months of fundraising, volunteering and more.”

Beginning at Citi Belfast’s Gateway Office in Titanic Quarter, the 5K route covered various historic maritime landmarks across the area with over 100 Citi volunteers ensuring the race ran smoothly. Only 16 minutes and 32 seconds after the starting gun was fired by Bethany Firth, the race winner Darren Millar crossed the finish line and was named winner.

The pre-race activities were hosted by TV and radio host Connor Phillips, and the run warm-up was carried out by the team from Better Gym. Citi Belfast was also proud to welcome six-time Paralympic gold medalist Bethany Firth at the event to take part in the race warm up and hold a Q&A with the runners before the beginning of the race.

Citi has a longstanding history of helping to enable progress in the Paralympic movement and is thrilled to partner with the British Paralympic Association. Over recent years Citi has become a valued supporter of the Paralympic movement, inspiring athletes and fans around the world to bring awareness and excitement to Paralympic sport. Through Citi’s partnership with the International Paralympic Committee, Citi is committed to changing the conversation around disability and wants people to define these athletes by their heart and strength, not their limitations.

The 5K race also provided an opportunity for Citi’s ‘Families Matter’ Network to enjoy the chance to meet friends, family and supporters of those taking part. The ‘Families Matter’ network along with the DisAbility, Multicultural, Pride and Women, networks work collaboratively with internal and external partners to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture for all at Citi.

Find out more on how you could donate further to Citi’s Charity of the Year this event please click the 5K JustGiving Link or check out The Welcome Organisation website to support their vital services.