Citi Further Supports Women’s Health by Spearheading Period Dignity at Work Campaign

Citi is empowering every woman at work to take control of their health and wellbeing by providing a range of resources to assist women to make informed decisions about their health.

Their male colleagues are equipped with knowledge and resources to better support females in their workplace and their lives.

Jensen Armour is a proud ally of the Citi Women’s Affinity Network and recently in his role Steering Committee member, spearheaded a campaign to launch complimentary period products across all female and inclusive toilets in all Citi office locations across the United Kingdom.

The products are provided to support menstrual health, to provide easy access to essential items and stop embarrassing moments where women may get caught out without their bag. Whilst also supporting those who suffer from irregular periods, menopause and fertility challenges.

Commenting on the initiative Jensen said: “This initiative will provide a tangible benefit in improving staff wellbeing which will make a real difference to my colleague’s daily office life whilst taking the first steps towards reducing the stigma surrounding periods.”

Citi understand that work and life aren’t separate but rather intimately connected and provide a range of benefits, policies, and resources to support all colleagues through out their career.

Citi were recently named as LinkedIn’s 2023 Top Companies list across eleven countries including the UK (others were Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, and U.S.)

This recognition underscores their commitment to investing in their colleagues around the globe. Providing opportunities to develop the skills for tomorrow, offering benefits to help them thrive professionally and personally, and fostering an inclusive environment that enables everyone to reach their full potential.

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