DWF Delivers ‘Bed of Dreams’ to John Luke

A four-year-old boy with severe physical and learning difficulties has been presented with the bed of his dreams, thanks to the Belfast office of global legal business, DWF.

John Luke Faulkner, who is from Bangor suffers from a very rare neurological condition called Angelman Syndrome. He cannot stand, walk or talk and suffers from severe epilepsy and an associated sleep disorder.

John Luke requires such a high level of round-the-clock care that his mother, Lisa, who works as a PA for DWF, has spent the last four years sleeping beside her son on a mattress on the floor.

When they became aware of Lisa’s situation, the 95-strong team at DWF joined forces to raise money for a bespoke £11,000 bed which will provide the safest and most comfortable environment for John Luke’s needs.

An initial £5000 was raised by Lisa’s colleagues who organised a table quiz and coffee morning. This was supplemented with a £4000 grant from the DWF Foundation through the Tree of Hope charity, with the final £2000 coming from private donations.

“This is a bed like no other,” said Lisa Faulkner, “and it really is a game-changer for our family.”

When John-Luke undergoes periods of epilepsy, he loses his truncal and neck support and cannot even sit or hold his head up.

“We constantly need to oversee John Luke, but due to his epilepsy, the risks are much greater and getting him in and out of bed is a major issue.  As the bed is enclosed and fully padded, it offers complete protection, which is vital as John Luke can struggle to balance. It can be raised and lowered; and includes a specialised lifting mechanism which is so much easier, both for John Luke and for my back,” added Lisa.

The bed has also been specially adapted to accommodate feeding tubes which will be of great benefit to John Luke in the future.

“We’re totally over-whelmed by the support of my great friends at DWF. This will make such a huge difference to our lives. Thanks to their efforts our family can look forward to a more normal night-time routine.”

Kirsty Mairs, Partner/Head of Hospitality, DWF visited Lisa at home to see the new bed for herself.

“We can never under-estimate the value of a good night’s sleep and we’re delighted that we’ve been able to support Lisa and John Luke in this way. It’s good to know he will be safe and protected, and that his parents will have greater peace of mind.”