Make climate action count in the run up to COP26

Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI) is encouraging organisations across Northern Ireland and their employees to get involved in the Count Us In campaign, and take practical action to address the climate crisis.

Count Us In is a global initiative that encourages individuals to commit to taking up to 16 actions – or steps – that will cut their carbon emissions in the run up to important global climate conference COP26, taking place in October 2021.

The steps range in commitment level and include everything from committing to repairing and re-using belongings and walking or cycling more, to moving home energy suppliers or installing solar panels.

The impact of every step is added into a global aggregator so participants can see what’s been achieved, and what’s possible when people all over the world take action together.

Keelin McCone, Head of Environment, BITCNI said; “We are proud to partner with the MyNI Team in the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) and announce our BITCNI team page on ‘Count Us In’. Businesses have a major part to play when it comes to addressing the climate crisis, but the Count Us In campaign is a great way to engage colleagues on climate action and the actions they can take as individuals to play their part in addressing the climate crisis, be it reaching out to their local MLAs, cutting food waste, or turning the heating down in their home.

“When addressing the climate crisis can feel insurmountable at an individual level, Count Us In is a great educational piece to help people understand what they can do to take practical action, and we’re keen to see as many people in Northern Ireland as possible being counted in for the actions they’re taking.”

Click here to sign up to the BITCNI Count Us In team page and visit the COP26 NI Business Hub for more information on how your business can take action on the climate crisis at