Teens come together to tackle Climate Action

Local teens are being invited to take part in climate action workshops through a new partnership between Phoenix Natural Gas and Farming Carbon, a local organisation that is driving environmental and social impact through the development of sustainable farming practices.

With recent research showing that 84% of young people are ‘quite concerned’ about climate change and 59% are ‘extremely worried’, the interactive workshop has been designed to help them see the actions being taken now to help address climate concerns while empowering them to see how they can take action to have their voice heard.

Stephanie McEvoy, founder of Farming Carbon said: “Climate change is one of, if not the biggest challenge for our future, and yet many of our young people feel powerless to get involved and make a difference which can lead to increased anxiety for the future.

“Through our Carbon Action workshops, we are working to help young people feel empowered to take action, by understanding that organisations big and small are taking steps to make a positive difference for the future.  It’s about giving young people hope that change is possible and helping them to see that as our future business, economic and societal leaders that they have a crucial part to play in shaping the world that they will inherit.”

The Carbon Action Seminars have been supported by Phoenix Natural Gas who are focussed on the development of renewable gas solutions to deliver a carbon net-zero heating network.

Phoenix Natural Gas Communications Manager, Rebecca Dalzell explained:  “We’re delighted to be supporting Farming Carbon in the delivery of the Carbon Action Teen Seminar series and hope to reach as many young people as possible throughout the course of our partnership.

“Fuelling a sustainable future is particularly relevant to us in the energy industry and while we are very proud that over the last 25 years, we have helped 235,000 households reduce their home heating emissions by around 50% through making the move to natural gas from oil and coal, we know there is more to do.  We are already working on the delivery of renewable gas solutions, such as biomethane and hydrogen, to deliver a carbon net-zero network and ensure that we continue to fuel the needs of our customers today and for the future.”

St Patricks Grammar School in Downpatrick was the first school to receive a Carbon Action Teen Seminar.  Speaking about the impact of the seminar on the young people who attended Mr. Gibson, Year 11 Head of Year said: “So many of our students get their information about climate change from social media and news reports so it was great for students to have the opportunity to hear about the actions being taken here by local organisations to make a positive difference and to show the opportunities that exist for young people to get involved, take action and look at how they want to define their own futures.

“We’ve had great feedback from the students involved and I would encourage other local schools take the opportunity to get involved with the workshops.”

For more information on the Carbon Action workshops in partnership with Phoenix Natural Gas contact rebecca.dalzell@phoenixnaturalgas.com