Translink Ignite a Passion for Construction in Boys and Girls Model Pupils

GCSE pupils from the Boys and Girls Model Schools in North Belfast had the chance to explore the construction site of Translink’s transformative York Street Station in Belfast.

Facilitated by Translink, Speakers for Schools, and GRAHAM—the construction partner on the project—the visit aimed to provide students with a firsthand encounter into the real world of a busy construction site. 


The sheer size and scale of Translink’s York Street Station project, coupled with the impressive machinery and equipment in operation, created an awe-inspiring backdrop for the pupils.  


Translink Project Manager Robert Andrews emphasised the commitment to engaging with local schools: “Site visits make a significant difference for pupils, demystifying the construction process and exposing them to the exciting possibilities within the industry. Translink is dedicated to promoting public transport and investing in crucial infrastructure developments across Northern Ireland.” 


Pupils had the chance to walk around the site, witnessing various trades and job roles, inspiring a newfound understanding of the possibilities the construction industry holds for their futures. 


Ms Madden, Teacher of Science and Construction at the Belfast Model School for Girls, emphasised the impact of the visit, stating: “It’s particularly important for our female pupils to see women actively working in construction roles, allowing them to envision themselves in similar positions in the future.” 


Attracta Mathews, Social Impact Manager at GRAHAM said: “We we’re delighted to welcome pupils from the Model Schools to the see the goings-on of a busy construction site. By opening our sites to schools, we are not just building structures, we are shaping the aspirations and fostering the next generation of industry leaders”. 


Mr. Stewart, Head of Department for Technology and Design at the Belfast Model School for Boys, highlighted the significance of the visit in showcasing the diverse opportunities within the construction industry: “It is vital to get our boys out on site and awaken them to a real experience of the construction industry in practice. This visit to York Street Station site which is happening on their doorstep demonstrates the wide range of jobs and career opportunities the construction sector can offer them.” 


Karen Hillis, Head of Engagement NI, Speakers for Schools said: “As a social mobility charity which works with employers across NI and UK, we create opportunities for young people to attend work experience in various industries in this instance we were delighted to facilitate along with GRAHAM and Translink the Boys and Girls Model School visit to the York Street Station construction site.” 


The collaboration between Translink, Speakers for Schools, and GRAHAM not only showcases the transformative nature of Translink’s York Street Station project but also underscores the commitment to inspiring and guiding the next generation of school pupils toward rewarding careers in construction. 

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